Friday, December 01, 2006

Business, politics, and family pressure for Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao's victory versus Erik Morales still gives so much awe to fans who at first had their bet with Morales.

As Manny returned to the country with a grand welcome and all, he is back to the usual relationship management of contacts for the boxing champion.

First issue is the one with Oscar De La Hoya who is planning to sue Pacquaio's advisers for influencing the boxing champ in backing out from his agreement with Golden Boy Promotions. Some believe that is not the right thing to do.

Second concern is the handling of offers and endorsements. Take the case of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency who is recruiting Pacquiao as its celebrity model to influence people to stay away from drugs. Then there's this politician try to convince this boxing champ to run as vice-mayor to boost a Mayor's son chance of winning in the 2007 election. Of course, this causes a lot of concern among observers and warning Pacquiao from being abused by people who are just exploiting his popularity.

Of course, there's the question as well whether Pacquiao should move to a higher weight category rather than compete Marco Antonio Barrera.

Not to mention as well Manny's younger brother, Bobby, who uttered harsh statements and blaming all the people around him for his poor boxing performance instead of himself first. This has also put Manny in a very uncomfortable situation. Perhaps it is time for the Pacquiao family to consider in just having one boxer in the family. Despite Bobby's clarification, envy and peer pressure can be seen all over him. Not only in words but in body language as well.

Another interesting situation is when Manny's mother requested for a car, saying it in national television, after he won the fight. Why does she have to do that?

There's also another former boxer who waited for Pacquiao in the Manila Hotel lobby on the 2nd day of arrival (Manny didn't go out then due to sore throat) whose intent is to ask for money so he can buy a house. It is unbelievable to see people who will go out of their way just to literally ask for money from people who don't know them at all. In this case, this boxer admitted that Pacquiao doesn't know him.

Actually, these outrageous developments after Manny wins a fight and upon arrival in the Philippines, during the 2nd fight versus Morales, made me stay away from watching the coverage in detail on this latest one. It is just crazy and scary.

I think if we really care about Pacquiao, the media has to tone down its coverage and should know where to draw the line. Else, they would be inviting unwanted attention to Pacquiao from people who just want to abuse him. Of course, it is also possible that the local media is actually exploiting him already.