Friday, March 28, 2008

Manny Pacquiao: a time to focus

Manny Pacquiao emerged victorious against his fight versus Juan Manuel Marquez but was saddled with a lot of intrigue. A few friends who doubted his win but got the chance to watch the fight once more said that he indeed deserved it. His bagging of awards were certainly worthy too.

Regardless, it will be best for Pacquiao to focus on his career and other activities that will put him in a better disposition after retiring from boxing. He doesn't need either to get into politics just to help the people around him and the country. There are other ways, like how he is helping now, to help those asking for it.

This is the first Pacquiao fight that I wasn't able to watch on its exact time and date of fight. The admiration is no longer as strong as before. His seriousness in this sport is no longer the same. I guess if he gets his boxing groove back, a lot of us will be excited once more.