Friday, April 20, 2007

Pacquiao gets ready for political campaign

Pacquiao just returned to the Philippines after prevailing on his US$4 million dollar match against Jorge Solis. As all of his victories are celebrated through a parade and hero-like welcome, the COMELEC already ruled out accusation that such is for poll exposure. Only when he solicits for votes can it treated as one.

A similar parade was also organized by General Santos Mayor Pedro Acharon Jr. who has always been supportive of Pacquiao.

Being a champion sets a lot of expectations from people. For instance, this columnist is hitting on Pacquiao for not being able to say anything on the death of another Filipino boxer - Lito Sisnorios. I find this to be pathetic especially when get to see old time boxers lining up to visit Pacquiao asking for money so they can start a business or build houses. Is that his obligation or that of the government (particularly the sports authority)? I think it is ok to ask for his support or be vocal about it but definitely not to blame him if he didn't say anything or sent a person to that effect. It sounds like that boxer's death is Pacquiao's accountability.

Although Pacquiao won the fight, there's much criticism as to his lack of game plan on the earlier rounds. It is also funny how defeated Jorge Solis claimed that Pacquiao's punch is no stronger than of his wife. (unless of course he is implying to be a battered husband) As in the past, Pacquiao remained humble and graceful in accepting victory for thanking the people in supporting their fight without saying anything further about his defeated opponent.

After the elections, it remains to be seen whether he will still have time for boxing. As early as now, there are boxers wanting to be picked for his next match for both money and glory.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Manny Pacquiao Defeats Solis

If there's a certain lackluster from the local blogosphere in recognizing Manny Pacquiao immediately after he defeated Jorge Solis, that is because of the recently concluded iBlog3: the 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit that got most bloggers busy documenting their learning experience and networking online.

Back to the fight, congratulations is in order for the People's Champ Manny Pacquiao for defeating Jorge Solis in their title fight yesterday. The fight stats were very impressive showing Pacquiao worked hard to win this fight. This is Solis' first lost and it was indeed a learning experience for him.

Pacquiao, being distracted with politics and all, created doubts on his capability to win this fight. Some were not happy by his decision to join politics as his good deeds now to countrymen may get tainted and be used by selfish politicians. Despite these out-of-the-ring issues, Pacquiao prevailed.

With his case with the Golden Boy not over, arranging Pacquiao's next fight will not be easy.

On another note, it is common knowledge that a lot of local politicians place bets during Pacquiao's matches. Some of them now are even running for various government position. I wonder how much they have won.

I also got asked why I did not watched or monitored the fight anxiously yesterday. There are several reasons behind it but I guess I could summarize it to:
  • My faith in him winning the match is not as high as before. I find him too distracted with local politics.
  • Running for public office, despite the fact that he had a lot of wealth and still helping his fellow citizens, requires full time work and he should only undertake that after retiring from boxing. What he should realize is that his current gifts to "kababayan" in his town may already be qualified or considered as bribery as he is running for public office.