Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pacquiao backs out from candidacy

Manny Pacquiao just decided to heed the call of concerned friends to not run in the coming May elections. This decision also came after being booed by boxing fans in Cebu and efforts by opposing groups to block the support of people in voting people like Pacquiao in the coming elections. Before making this post, I was able to watch on TV about his disgruntled lover planning to approach his opponents and support them. He also began endorsing politicians like Lito Lapid. If Pacquiao still pursues, Comelec will be in a dilemma and currently studying on how to deal with it. Whether he proceeds or not remains to be seen.

It is great to see that Pacquiao is preparing already for his coming April 14 fight. A few are worried that he may not be in top shape due to the numerous distractions he's been getting lately. Although Pacquiao is highly celebrated for his victories, boxing great Mayweather believes he is overhyped.

Pacquiao initially made plans to pursue college education after passing DepEd's Alternative Learning System. I hope he still continues with that and his success can increase support for the said program.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Manny Pacquiao: Boxing or Politics or Both?

Manny Pacquiao eventually decided to run for public office seeking the South Cotabato congressional seat with his mother's blessing. He was with Ilocus Sur Gov. Chavit Singson when he filed his candidacy. Should he win, Pacquiao confirmed that he will retire from boxing. If he does good as a public servant, a higher position in government may not be denied.

Comelec Chairman Abalos warned Pacquiao though that he may have a problem as he has three residential locations that he admitted under oath. The Palace is certainly supportive of it and Pacquiao believes that he may be able to bring his district closer to the government. To avoid speculation that President Arroyo made him run, he joined the Liberal Party-Atienza Wing instead of the President's political party.

His political moves affected his supposedly fight schedule with Jorge Solis. Although his political opponents are already crying foul should the fight continue as this would him unfair publicity mileage. An analyst keeps the boxing fire alive by suggesting potential fight match-ups. Win or lose, he is scheduled to fly to New York this June to claim the BWAA fighter of the year.

To our readers, what do you think? Should Pacquiao pursue this political path (he can still back out you know) or just focus in boxing?