Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pacquiao's next foe, who will it be?

Now that the political elections game is almost over, it will be interesting to know who will Pacquiao's next ring opponent be. Is it Joan Guzman, Edwin Valero, Marco Antonio Barrera, Humberto Soto, or Juan Manuel Marquez? Of course, not to forget Joel Casamayor. All of these possible contenders have impressive profile.

As Pacquiao captured the hearts of boxing enthusiasts around the world, his next fight is already a guaranteed bestseller as he is now being regarded as the best pound for pound best boxer in the world.

News is out that Manny Pacquiao lost to Darlene Custodio for the Congressional Seat of General Santos City, Philippines. However, all is not lost. Strategically, Pacquiao was able to grant everyone their request and let the public decided on this fate.

For the politicians who kept pressuring Pacquiao to fight, he allowed himself to be used seeing that he may indeed help his fellowmen.

For the people who wanted him to be their representative, he gave them to chance to vote for him.

For the people who believe that he should just focus on boxing and continue his charity pursuits without any political technicalities or intrigues surrounding it, the people were able to send the message clear that they don't want him to be used for politics, at least for now.

From a lessons learned aspect, this experience have given the PacMan a glimpse on how dirty politics is and the people you supposedly trust will be the ones to betray you. May this make the Pacquiao wiser in the years to come.

Perhaps when the PacMan retires, then by all means, pursue politics as it is every right (and even obligation if they are able?) of a Filipino to serve his countrymen.

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merjoem32 said...

I think there's a big possibility that it will be Humberto Soto. Bob Arum set it up perfectly. he asked Pacquiao to relinquish his no. 1 contender status in the WBC and set up a bout between Bobby and Soto. Of course, Soto won and now the stage is set for a bout between Soto and Manny. Since both of them are under Top Rank, setting the fight up will not be difficult. I think that Soto is a good opponent for Manny. Let's just hope that Manny can win impressively and bring glory to Pinoyboxing and his country.