Sunday, November 14, 2010

Filipinos Celebrate Online as Manny Pacquiao Wins Fight vs. Margarito

(Monitoring feed at Twazzup)

I haven't watched a live Manny Pacquiao fight on television for quite sometime now. Twitter has served as my theatre as dedicated fans of the match tweet blow-by-blow developments. Although with more folks using Twitter and boxing fans of both camps active online, tweets have surged to thousands per minute when it used to be in the hundreds.

Like in real world fights, it is also amazing to see fans of Floyd Mayweather Jr. still turning down the Pacman for his ability to fight. I guess they can't stand the attention and love that Pacquaio is getting right now.

I will leave the blow-by-blow coverage to the experts. But for now, I encourage all Pacquiao fans to celebrate this victory by giving congratulatory words to the "Pambansang Kamao".

On my end, I will savor this Pacquiao victory reading the feeds of Pacquiao followers cheering right now via:
  • Google (monitor the latest news and updates about Pacquiao as they appear today)
  • Twazzup (you will find Hollywood celebrities tweeting Pacquiao)
  • Twitoaster (follow-up on threads missed earlier like Mommy Dionisia watching the fight for the first time)
  • Trendsmap (shows Pacquiao being discussed in different parts of the world)
  • Trendistic (shows that 3% tweets were about Pacquiao from start of day to an hour after fight.)
  • Crowdeye  (more than 37k tweets as of this writing)
  • What the Hashtag (#pacquiao hashtag was used by more than 3k Twitter users today)
  • Amplicate (96% said they love Pacquiao)
Oh and don't forget to visit our Manny Pacquiao fan page and leave a congratulatory note for the Pacman. Congratulations Manny!

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